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Dog Info 101

How to train your first puppy or a dog?

When you get a dog it is very important to check for everything as the dog is just like a human baby it needs to be trained and loved. First few months are very crucial for every dog. First you have to teach your puppy daily routines.

  1. Location of his bed.
  2. Few ground rules that this premises is out of bounds.
  3. What times he eats his food.
  4. What time he wakes up and goes to bed.
  5. Where his toys are.
  6. And most important where his needs to poop.

After you get a dog you need to teach him some words that he will understand and tasks he needs to do when you speak that word like sit, stand, bark, lay down etc . these can easily be done by treat training which is very easy you just have to show the puppy what to do and ask him to do it, if he does it offer him a treat, by this he will understand that word.

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Basic tasks you need to do when you get a dog

If you plan to get a dog you need to decide who will be the primary caretaker of the dog which is very important in dog’s life as the dog gets emotionally attached to that person. You need to get the right supplies before getting a dog that is food, water bowls, crate, collar, leash, toys especially chew ones. Next step is to prepare your house as you know dogs are chewing machines they chew whatever they like including shoes to sofa so keep that in mind. You need to have a big garden where your puppy can play and train.

Puppy proof your house which means you need to get those things which may harm the dog if he swallows them like medicine, chemicals, plants.

Find a good vet which can take care of your dog in the future if he suffers from any illness.

Possible health issues with dogs.

You will face some of these issues listed below if you do not take care of him regularly:

1 . Ear infection

Dogs can easily get ear infection if they are not bathed regularly, allergies, ear mites, worms, bacteria so you need to keep a check your dog’s ears. Symptoms are:

  1. Head shaking
  2. Ear odor
  3. Scratching
  4. Redness or swelling

Possible solution: use epiotic ear cleanser

2. Worms

Tapewormsroundwormshookworms, are common internal parasites in dogs. They can be fatal. Symptoms are:

  1. Diarrhea (may be bloody)
  2. Weight loss
  3. A change in appetite
  4. A rough, dry coat

Possible solution: deworm your dog monthly or as per directed by your vet.


Common health problem to dogs are fleas which are small parasites which feed on blood. Symptoms are

  1. Biting, scratching skin
  2. Hair loss
  3. Allergic response

  Possible solution: bathe your dog twice a week with a good shampoo like virbac allermyl.

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 They may be external parasites or internal parasites like heartworms and intestinal worms, fleas, ticks. there ways to prevent parasites from attacking the system of your dog, with monthly preventive treatments. Educate yourself about canine parasites so you can protect your dog.

Possible solution: deworming the dog or giving papaya to him dail