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Contact us to buy Golden Retriever puppies for sale.The supremely affable and cute as a button Golden Retriever dogs and puppies make for one of the most loved and popular dog breeds across several different countries. Retrievers are high – spirited, ebullient Scottish gundogs of utmost unparalleled, exalted beauty.

Their very name that is “Retriever” represents to the breed’s unique ability to retrieve the shot aquatic birds without any damage, with their tender, soft mouth. A golden retriever puppy price would cost you anywhere between 30k-45k depending upon breed quality and lineage.

Golden Retrievers are considered as serious workers at hunting and field work, they are great guides for the blind and the handicapped. These pooches also help in search and rescue operations.

Furthermore Retrievers enjoy obedience and competitive games and training, and they have a mellow nature, also it’s the Retrievers who truly know how to live and live their life to the fullest. 

Physical Characteristics

Golden Retrievers are quite sturdy, strongly built medium to large sized muscular dogs who are highly popular worldwide and are liked for their dense, lustrous, water- repellent golden wavy coat. Contact us to know the price and buy Golden Retriever for sale from us. 

These munchkins have a magnificent, one of its kind, ostentatious gait and the breed fanciers are especially enamored with their fluffy and feathery tail that demonstrates a retrievers 24/7 frolicsome and cheerful mood.

Retrievers have a broad head, with deep, hypnotizing albeit sweet eyes, short ears that beautifully sit high on their adorable heads, and hang just below the jaw line. Their chest is strong and deep, and Retrievers also have a straight muzzle that is particularly symbolic of their breed. One of the most enchanting and unique features of this breed is the feathering on the Retriever’s neck, thighs, legs, tail and the underside. Call us to get more information about golden retriever price.

  • An average Golden Retriever male is around 23 to 24 inches tall, and weighs about 29 to 32 kilograms
  • On the contrary, an average Golden Retriever female is around 21 to 22 inches tall, and weighs about 25 to 29 kilograms approximately.
  • The average life expectancy of a Golden Retriever is about 10 to 13
  • All Golden Retrievers have either gold, blonde or yellow coloured coats and your Golden Retriever can either be a British type, Canadian type or an American type.
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Briefly mentioned below is an in- depth descriptive and personality analysis of the three sub-types of these cute and cuddly Golden Retrievers. We at mydogs help you choose your perfect golden retriever puppy for sale online.

1. British Golden Retrievers:

British Golden Retrievers puppies for sale are much more muscular than the North American Retrievers. They have a broader skull with macular forequarters and thick coats, heavier weights. Their well-shaped muzzle is perfectly chiseled and balanced. Their coat is lighter in colour as compared to the American Golden Retrievers. British Retrievers can hence have a coat colour of any appealing shade of cream or gold, red and mahogany are however not encompassed. These Retrievers also have round and deep eyes that is in extreme stark contrast with the slanted or triangular eye composition of their American counterparts. Price for golden retriever varies from litter to litter. We have all kinds of golden retrievers 

  • British Male Golden Retriever is around 22 to 24 inches tall that is roughly around 56 to 61 cm.
  • British Female Golden Retriever is around 20 to 22 inches tall that is roughly around 51 to 56
  • Nature of British Golden Retrievers – Friendly and

2. American Golden Retriever:

American Golden Retrievers for sale are quite less muscular and rather lankier than other types. They have darker coloured coats of different shades of divine lustrous gold, along with some feathering. When trotting, American Golden Retrievers puppies for sale exude a smooth, free, highly puissant, attractive, and a very well-coordinated gait.

  • American Male Golden Retriever is around 23 to 24 inches tall that is roughly around 58 to 61
  • American Female Golden Retriever is around 21.5 to 22.5 inches tall, that is roughly around 55 to 57 cm.
  • Nature of American Golden Retrievers – Friendly and

3. Canadian Golden Retriever:

The Canadian Golden Retriever has a darker and thinner coat and stands taller than other two types.

  • Canadian Male Golden Retriever is around 23 to 24 inches tall that is roughly around 58 to 61
  • Canadian Female Golden Retriever is around 21.5 to 22.5 inches tall that is roughly around 55 to 57
  • Nature of Canadian Golden Retrievers – Friendly and

In- Depth Temperament Analysis of Golden Retrievers For Sale

As also mentioned above, Golden Retrievers puppy for sale are extremely cheerful, friendly, confident and kind dogs and their lovable facial expression itself says it all. Retrievers are undoubtedly considered as the finest, unparalleled family dogs in the world because of their exuberant, loving, supremely joyous and trustworthy nature, and these furballs are also extremely forgiving towards their inexperienced masters, in case they make any mistakes. Contact us to buy Golden Retriever puppies for sale.

Golden Retrievers are equally loving and amicable with both their master and a stranger, and their trusting nature unfortunately makes them a poor guard dog as they exude the least aggression or any other kind of hostility towards strangers or other animals. Golden Retrievers on the contrary are extremely gregarious and sociable in nature, a wonderful trait that they are valued for, and they are easily able to acclimatize with other dogs, cats or even with the livestock animals. Golden Retrieves are also highly praised for their sharp intelligence.

Common Health Ailments in Golden Retrievers For Sale

Golden Retrievers might suffer from some genetic disorders and other commonly occurring diseases. Retrievers usually suffer from obesity and hip dysplasia, and while the former ailment is because of a Retriever’s love for food, the latter however is quite a serious health condition, and hence it is highly advisable that while buying a Golden Retriever puppy, the pup or even a Retriever dog must be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian for checking any early signs of the hip disease, albeit it is extremely difficult to diagnose hip dysplasia in young Golden Retriever puppies and dogs.

However let all your worries take a back seat as we at mydogs shall help you get the most fluffy, adorable, loving and healthy Golden Retriever Puppies for sale or Golden Retriever Dogs for sale. We are a team of highly experienced, expert animal lovers, and we would assist you buy the most charming, albeit fit as a fiddle Golden Retriever puppy or a Golden Retriever dog. You may be anywhere in India, but you can just sit back home and buy a Golden Retriever puppy online, following which we assure you that you would next find your bundle of joy right at your doorstep, wagging his long haired tailed, and eagerly waiting for you. Contact us to buy Golden Retriever puppies for sale

We also guarantee you that your sweet Retriever pooch shall be delivered to you in the pink of health, and we at mydogs only deal in the best of pedigree breeds, so your pooch would be primarily examined by our experienced veterinary doctors, and only if the puppy or dog would clear all our initial health tests and other mandatory breed specific parameters, shall we consider him fit for our sale purposes. Also fret not about any other pooch related health ailments as we at mydogs would help you buy a Golden Retriever Puppies for sale or buy a Golden Retriever Dog for online sale in India and furthermore, your pooch would be up to date on all his vaccinations, and we would also provide you with a health a breed certificate, so don’t hold yourself any further, and get your supremely lovable bundle of joy home today itself.

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 In The Intelligence of Dogs by Stanley Coren, Golden Retrievers have been ranked fourth in terms of their intelligence quotient, and preceding the Retrievers are the Border Collies, Poodles, and the majestic German Shepherds who are ranked in order of their obedience and trainability skills. Contact us to buy Golden Retriever puppies for sale

Retrievers are greatly intelligent and smart pooches who demonstrate exceptional athleticism and they are highly obedient, albeit competitive by nature, ergo a harsh training is usually not required for these cute furballs as Golden Retrievers respond really well to upbeat and positive training styles. Golden Retrievers also exude a wonderful eagerness to please their masters, albeit these sweet little babies are often distracted by exciting sounds and sights, but some basic training should alone suffice the purpose.

It is pertinent to mention that the heart and mind of your furry Retriever friend is always sweet, young and gentle, but his body would grow up as quite sturdy and robust, so you might need that extra protein meal with some biceps to walk your Retriever pooch.

These sweet Retriever pooches were primarily bred in Scotland in the mid-19th century. The very first Golden Retriever had its embryonic genesis near the Glen Affric in Scotland, at Guisachan that was the erstwhile highland estate of the first Baron Tweedmouth, Dudley Marjoribanks. Also the fundamental origin of Golden Retrievers happened with the sole purpose of retrieving the shot waterfowls, such as the ducks, geese and other upland aquatic game birds, especially whilst hunting and shooting parties.

 Their unique Retriever breed resulted from crossing quite a few different breeds such as the Setters, Spaniels, Newfoundland and even a ferocious bloodhound, and a mix of all these breeds ultimately resulted in the creation of a Golden Retriever. Furthermore, it is also believed that the Golden Retrievers primarily originated from the now-extinct Russian tracker dog, and hence these supremely energetic Retrievers are regarded as a hardy, great swimming dog, one that could withstand the ice cold waters, track wounded games and even deal with the crippled birds. We have Golden Retriever puppy for sale online at best price all over india.

Golden retrievers puppies for sale ergo exude an innate and an instinctive love for water as they are excessively hydrophilic and also it’s extremely easy to train these munchkins, be it the basic or even the advanced obedience training. Mydogs is the only platform where you can buy golden retriever puppy for sale in india. These furballs are a long – coated hairy breed, and they have a thick inner coat that renders them with sufficient warmth whilst in outdoors, and also there’s a lustrous, extremely charming outer coat that lies flat against their bodies, and repels water, thereby preventing any unsolicited fungal or other skin troubles.

Golden retrievers are ideally well suited to reside in a countryside or a suburban abode, however nowadays we find these charismatic, endearing retrievers in most of the metropolitan cities, and these sweet furballs have undoubtedly conquered both our hearts and homes alike. It is pertinent to mention that these delightful retrievers shed extravagantly, especially during any seasonal change, and they hence require regular grooming.