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Contact us to buy Chow Chow puppies for sale. The Chow Chows are also robust and of sturdy, strong, and compact built, with a square profile that includes a large, wide skull with small, erect and triangular ears that have rounded tips, and unlike other dogs, Chow Chows have straight hind legs.

Chows have extra thick fur around their necks, and this indeed gives them a unique and a one of its kind dense mane or ruff appearance. A Chow Chow may have a coat that can be of cream, red, black, fawn/ cinnamon or of blue shade. Chow Chows are also widely known for their rather bizarre and extremely sui generis blue – black tongue, along with a stiff gait. Chow Chow puppy price is between 50k-80k depending upon breed quality and lineage.

The breathtakingly gorgeous and cute as a button are the Chow Chow puppies and dogs for sale, an ancient Chinese dog breed, who are commonly known as the Puppy Lion Dogs or the Songshi Quan in China. The Chow Chows were primarily bred in Northern China, and since then, they are used as an all purpose dog for not only protection, but also for herding, hunting and pulling. Buy Chow Chow puppies who have a very thick and a dense double coat, that might be smooth or rough.

Physical Characteristics of Chow Chow

The Chow Chow dog for sale is a medium sized, square shaped, brawny, muscular and a well-built dog with straight legs that are responsible for his stilted walk. A Chow has a broad head with small, erect and triangular ears and a fluffy, curled up tail over his back.

 They also have facial wrinkles that are often veiled by his thick and dense hair and this ergo gives a Chow Chow for sale a glowering, frowny expression. A Chow Chow puppies for sale also has a very heavy, bushy and thick fur with two coat types. There is a longer, rough coat that per se is an off- standing, straight coat, and this indeed renders the buy Chow Chows a very endearing, and a sweet teddy bear like appearance.

There is also a shorter, smooth coat variation, albeit both these coat types have a denser underlying coat. The luxuriant fur of a Chow Chow is especially thick around the neck region, and this gives the Chows a unique appearance. Chow Chows are most frequently seen either in black or red colouration such as masked red or rusty black, but their coat can also be of fawn, cream, cinnamon or of bluish shade.

It is however pertinent to mention that all the aforementioned colour varieties are not recognized, and might not even be available in all countries. Also multi- coloured or patchy Chow Chows are beyond the ambits of the particular breed’s standards. Chow Chows are also distinguished by their extremely unique and sui generis blue black or purple coloured tongues, that no other dog breed has other than the Shar Pei dogs.

Chows also have robust and muscular forelimbs, their shoulders and upper limbs are well developed, and they are heavy bone, fluffy teddy bear like sweet dogs.

  • The average life expectancy of a Chow Chow is 9 to 15
  • A healthy female Chow Chow dog weighs between 20 to 27 kilos and has an average height between 46 to 51 cms (18 – 20 in).
  • A healthy male Chow Chow dog weighs between 25 to 32 kilos and has an average height between 48 to 56 cms (19 – 22 in).
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The lips are also of purple, bluish shade, and a Chow Chow puppies for sale  is the only dog with this unusual and peculiar bluish colour in his oral cavity and the lips as the other dog breeds usually have a piebald or a black patterned skin inside their mouths.

It is also appurtenant to note that the blackish blue or the purple tongue gene is quite dominant in a Chow Chow puppies for sale in india because several mixed breed dogs that are bred thereafter, using a Chow Chow, tend to retain the same unique tongue colour, albeit the colour of the lips and the oral cavity might change.

They  also has a very thickly haired, dense, curly and a Spitz- like tail, that curls beautifully on its back.

Unlike other dog breeds, such as Samoyed dogs who always seem to be smiling, the adorable Chow Chows possess the trademark majestic scowl and mane of a lion, these two being the major hallmarks exclusive to this canine breed.

Also they have almond shaped adorable eyes with padding around their eyes and ears, and a small black nose, but however blue-coated Chow Chows might even have a slate coloured nose or a solid blue shade nose, with a strong and an eye catching muzzle. Contact us to buy chow chow puppy for sale.

In- Depth Temperament Analysis of Chow Chow For Sale

Chow Chows puppies for sale are undoubtedly the most regal and majestic looking pets who win and conquer our hearts with their endearing and charismatic looks, however the Chow Chows are thoroughly protective towards their masters and property, and these smart canines possess astute discernment skills.

They are aloof by nature, and would be completely reserved with strangers, but he would undoubtedly accept a new human, only if properly introduced by his master, and as responsible pet parents we must ensure that we make our fur baby interact regularly and continuously both with other humans and also other dogs and smaller animals.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that the Chow Chow dog breed for sale isn’t a supremely active breed. They don’t require a lot of vigorous exercise, and they can ergo be happily housed in an apartment as well. However, just like other dog breeds, your Chow Chow baby would definitely need his daily dose of exercise and outdoor activity for keeping his boredom or any unsolicited restlessness at bay. Chow Chows are usually a one person dog, they share a very loving and a strong bond with their master, and immediate family, towards whom a Chow Chow dog is overly protective and is extremely attached emotionally.

A Chow Chow is usually a very calm, serene and a well behaved dog, but it’s not a cakewalk to train a Chow Chow as they are generally quite resistant to training. Chow Chows are also stubborn by nature, and they should hence be mandatorily trained right from their puppy age.

It is pertinent to note that unlike other free spirited and gullible canine breeds, a Chow Chow puppy price is quite reserved and aloof by nature, and his attitude is also juxtaposed with that of a cat, but they are loyal and loving towards his human companion. The Chow Chow dog cherishes his independence, and doesn’t really enjoys pleasing his master, but he is a highly intelligent and sharp minded dog who is thoroughly devoted towards his family.

Common Health Ailments in Chow Chow For Sale

Chows are prone to quite a lot of different health disorders ranging from glaucoma, juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, hypothyroidism, cerebellar hypoplasia, diabetes mellitus, atopic dermatitis, alopecia, entropion, lymphoma, gastric cancer, hip dysplasia and canine pemphigus. Chow Chows are also extremely vulnerable to autoimmune disease, and they demonstrate a higher tendency to develop skin melanoma. It is therefore supremely important to always source your fur baby only from a renowned and a reputable breeder.

Chow Chow Price In India

We also guarantee you that your adorable Chow Chow baby would be delivered at your doorstep in the pink of health, and we at mydogs only deal in the best of pedigree breeds, so your Chow pooch would be primarily examined by our experienced veterinary doctors, and only if the puppy or dog would clear all our initial health tests and other mandatory breed specific parameters, shall we consider him fit for our sale purposes.

Also fret not about any other pooch related health ailments as we at mydogs would help you buy a Chow Chow Puppy or buy a Chow Chow Dog for online sale in India. Furthermore, your Chow baby would be up to date on all his vaccinations, and we would also provide you with a health a breed certificate, so please don’t hold yourself any further, and get your own supremely lovable Chow Chow munchkin today itself.

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These supremely adorable and innocent looking, albeit highly intelligent Chow Chows puppies for sale are an East Asian dog breed, and they are amongst the first few dogs who were bred after humans started domesticating dogs. The Chow Chows were recognized as the very basal breed that preceded the genesis of all the various different and modern dog breeds in the 19th Century, and thereafter.

The Chow Chows puppies for sale date back to the Han dynasty (206 BC–AD 220), and there are many claims that they had their fundamental embryonic genesis around 2,000 years ago in China, or most probably in Artic Asia around 3,000 years back, and were then migrated to Siberia, Mongolia and later to China.

It is pertinent to mention that the genetic framework of a Chow Chow puppy for sale is very close to that of a wolf, and in the similar branch that encompasses the Shiba Inus, Akita’s and the Shar- Pei dogs, albeit the Chows are absolutely distinct from the lineage of the other dog breeds. Furthermore, there are legends that state about a Chinese ruler who was believed to have domesticated 5,000 Chow Chows.

Buy  Chow Chows were used for pulling heavy dog sleds, and were used as temple guards in Asia. They were also originally used for hunting purposes, and also it is interesting to note that this adorable dog breed was addressed by several different names in China, none of which was primarily the “Chow Chow”. However the very name Chow Chow is per se derived from an English term that was erstwhile used in the late 1700’s and during the 1800’s

It is pertinent to mention that your Chow Chow baby dog for sale  would shed heavily, especially during the spring and autumn season as compared to the other seasons. A Chow Chow hence requires substantial grooming care throughout his life. They need to be brushed regularly in order to keep their heavy and densely thick fur in good condition, and to prevent any doggy odour, besides the other common skin infections that can be prevented by way of regular grooming.

 It is extremely crucial for a Chow Chow show quality for sale parent to use the correct grooming tool so that it doesn’t harm’s the sensitive skin of a Chow Chow. A slick brush, a medium coarse brush and a pin brush must be used together for grooming and detangling the fur of your majestic Chow baby. A Chow Chow must be brushed atleast four times a week, albeit daily grooming is an essential prerequisite during the shedding season.

Also a Chow Chow for sale must be bathed atleast once a month to keep his coat clean, and to avoid the most pestering and troublesome fleas and ticks. Furthermore, it is important for all Chow Chow parents and admirers to know that while a Chow Chow can endure extremely cold climate, he can’t however tolerate heat, and thus require a cool, air – conditioned room, especially during the hostile summers.

Also as we mentioned above, it is of supreme importance to get your exotic and healthy Chow Chow baby only from a reputable breeder or a trusted animal organization, and we are your one stop, go to people when it comes to getting a fit as a fiddle, adorable and a healthy Chow Chow puppy or Chow Chow dog for sale.

We are a small team of highly experienced, learned and most importantly, compassionate animal lovers, and we would therefore be glad to assist you in buying the most charming, albeit robust and up to snuff Chow Chow puppy or a Chow Chow dog.

You may be in any part of India, but you can just sit back home and we would help you buy a Chow Chow puppy or buy a Chow Chow dog online, post which we assure you that you would next find your delightful, healthy munchkin right at your doorstep, wagging his round, fluffy tail, eagerly waiting to greet you, with his cute as a button, pretty almond shaped lovable eyes.